FODMers Clean Up Trash

Laura Laura Sebastianelli, Sean Uhl and Emily Uhl

Despite a steady drizzle on November 7, 2015, fourteen FODMers and friends donned their rain gear and cleaned up trash in Dyke Marsh West for almost two hours at low tide.  The group collected eight bags of plastic and glass bottles, metal cans, tennis balls, plastic bags, styrofoam, cardboard and more. 

Among the more interesting finds were a child's sippy cup, a frisbee and a brake fluid container.  Thank you, Dana Zambrotta, NPS ranger, and FODMer Laura Sebastianelli, the leaders.  This was FODM's first trash cleanup in this part of the Dyke Marsh Wetland Preserve.

In the photo at left, Laura Sebastianelli is with Sean and Emily Uhl. Photos are courtesy of Glenda Booth.

AdamAdam Goodberg and Emily Blount

KellyKelly Ford and Tami Entabi

MichaelMichael Beaghen and Karen Tokarsky

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