Talented FODM Photographers Are Winners

Congratulations to two FODMers whose photographs were selected for the 2022 Virginia Wildlife magazine’s annual photography showcase.

Jane Gamble’s photo was a closeup of dew on a feather.  

Feather with dew Jane Gamble
Feather and dew.  Photo by Jane Gamble

James Stone had two winners.  One was of bluebells along a path in Bull Run Regional Park and the second a stunning tiger swallowtail butterfly on a buttonbush blossom.

Blue Bells at Days End Jim Stone
Heavenly Virginia bluebells.  Photo by Jim Stone
Butterfly and Buttonbush 2 Jim Ston e
Tiger swallowtail symmetry.  Photo by Jim Stone

For this contest, 262 photographers submitted 1, 176 photos. The magazine features photos by 94 different photographers. 


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