Awed by Owls

Many people have been captivated by owls in Dyke Marsh this spring. Several people have confirmed a barred owl (Strix varia) pair raising two young and a great horned owl pair (Bubo virginianus) with one young. It’s parenting at its best.

Barred owl gamble lg
Barred owl   Photo by Jane Gamble

Barred owls are known for their haunting, baritone night call, “who cooks for you, who cooks for you-all.” Their name comes from their “bars” or striped plumage. They are around 21 inches long and weigh a little over a pound.

great horned owl 4 Eder
Adult great horned owl   Photo by Ed Eder

great horned owl 3 Eder
Young great horned owl   Photo by Ed Eder

great horned owl 1 Eder great horned owl 5 Eder great horned owl 2 Eder
Great horned owls   Photos by Ed Eder

Great horned owls have feathered tufts on their heads that resemble horns. They have yellow eyes and an intimidating stare. They are around 22 inches in length and three pounds in weight. 

While owls are fascinating, please respect them and stay on the trail. Thank you Ed Eder and Jane Gamble for these wonderful photographs.

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