Dyke Marsh in the News

Eagle nest Bald eagle nest in Dyke Marsh. Photo by Ed Eder

On December 2, 2019, the Fort Hunt Herald newspaper published an interview with FODM President Glenda Booth, in which she discusses the marsh restoration project, emerald ash borer infestation, the native plants project, bald eagles and more.  Visit here to read the entire article.

Photos contributed by Glenda Booth

RestorationContractors lowered marine mattresses to the Potomac River's bed for the base of the breakwater. HeronAt sunset, a great blue heron and mallard are at home in Dyke Marsh, with the partially-completed breakwater in the background.
native plantsVolunteers have planted over 4,000 native plants, shrubs and trees in the native plant demonstration area. swallowtailNative plants attract native insects like the tiger swallowtail butterfly on the leaf cup/bear's foot plant in the native plant demonstration area.
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