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Youngsters Delight in Dyke Marsh


Thirty enthusiastic pre-school youngsters from two St. Luke’s Day School classes had their annual field trip to Dyke Marsh on April 29, 2019.  Jennifer Gough, one of the teachers, reported, “We saw a snake, which the kids were thrilled about!” They were also excited to see the bald eagle in the nest along the Haul Road trail. 

In the first photo, one student exclaimed, “I found a flower!” and others ran over to look.  They had a nature scavenger hunt, using the FODM brochure and a special brochure that the teachers made with pictures of things to look for.  In the last photo, off they go down the Haul Road trail!

Thank you to FODMer Gail Cassidy for joining them. Ms. Gough and Katie Prible are the lead teachers for the two classes.  St. Luke’s Day School is in the Mount Vernon area.

Photos contributed by Glenda Booth.

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