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Students Explore Dyke Marsh

students Thirty-seven enthusiastic fourth graders from Arlington's Randolph Elementary School explored Dyke Marsh. Photo by Ned Stone

On November 8, 2018, 37 enthusiastic fourth graders from the Arlington’s Randolph Elementary School explored the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve with National Park Service staffers Brent O'Neill, Miguel Roberson and Susan Chumley, along with FODM volunteers.

passNPS gave each child a free "Every-Kid-in-a-Park" pass to enter all our national parks.The students were excellent observers, spotting bald eagles and snakes and they learned about plants and animals in the marsh using placards with images showing the biodiversity of the preserve.  Two groups walked the entire Haul Road trail to the Potomac River using laminated guides on a nature “treasure hunt.”The rangers gave each student the Every-Kid-in-a-Park pass and encouraged them to explore our national parks with their families.

On November 19 and 20, over 100 enthusiastic fourth graders from Alexandria's John Adams Elementary School visited Dyke Marsh. NPS rangers conducted several programs, assisted by FODMers and chaperones.


Photos contributed by Glenda Booth (except first photo by Ned Stone).

studentsThe rangers explored topics like earth processes, the food web and marsh inhabitants along the Haul Road trail. runningThe fourth graders loved being out in the woods in the fresh air. Davis and ClarkJackie Cunningham Davis explained the NPS emblem (to her right, Ranger Kelly Clark).
birds feetStudents learned that birds' feet vary, have special adaptations. caterpillarAt one station, the youngsters made caterpillars and butterflies. butterfliesThe youngsters' caterpillars and butterflies on display.
fox peltThe youngsters loved touching animal pelts, here, a fox. skunk peltThe youngsters got to feel another animal that lives in Dyke Marsh, a skunk pelt. antlersRanger David Rodriguez explained that deer shed their antlers.
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