FODMers Participated in the Environment Expo

Display FODM Board of Directors member helped staff FODM's table.

The Friends of Dyke Marsh exhibited at Fairfax County Board of Supervisors’ Mount Vernon Supervisor Dan Storck’s Environment Expo on November 10, 2018, an event which Supervisor Storck hopes to hold again.  Over 130 people attended and were inspired to become better environmental stewards in eight workshops and in watching the movie “Hometown Habitat.”

The cafeteria housed 25 exhibitors, including conservation groups, Dominion Energy, Covanta  Energy, the National Park Service, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, county agencies and others.



Photos contributed by Glenda Booth.

Greg and GeorgeFODMers Greg Crider and George Ledec discussed common interests at our neighboring table and sister organization, the Friends of Huntley Meadows Park. exhibit1Will Friedman, FODM member, and Patrick Martinez, both with the Carl Sandburg Middle School Eco Club, had a watershed exhibit showing the topography of a watershed. exhibit2These two conservation-minded middle schoolers demonstrated the impact of human activities on water quality.
exhibit3They applied water on a construction site and a factory. The runoff from each (brown from the construction site, red from the factory) flowed downhill, eventually polluting the river. Will FriedmanWill Friedman showed off his new FODM tshirt.