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Ridding the “Beltway Wetlands” of Trash

Mayor Silberberg Mayor Silberberg greeted the volunteers.

On September 23, 2017, FODMers joined Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) and Porto Vecchio volunteers on a kayak and canoe trash cleanup of NVCT’s newest property, a two-acre wetland at the confluence of Cameron Run and Hunting Creek on Alexandria’s southern border, just north of Dyke Marsh. The tidal wetlands, under the Beltway/I-95 ramps and elevated highways, are favorite sites for roosting gulls, migrating shorebirds and other birds, especially at low tide, an eBird “hotspot.”

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg greeted the 20 volunteers at the launch.  FODMers Ned Stone and Eldon Boes towed two canoes that served as scows for the trash bags, as volunteers filled up the bags with debris, 48 bags of trash collected in three hours.

Photos contributed by Andrew Luzik.

kayaksVolunteers kayaked among the vegetation to retrieve trash.

trashThe group collected 48 bags of trash from the wetland.

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