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Do Trees Have Antifreeze?

Jessie Strother

FODM Board member Jessica Strother, a forester, led a walk on February 27, 2016, and described three of the ecotones of the preserve:  the swamp forest, the floodplain forest and the tidal marsh.  She explained that trees breathe through their leaves and root system.  Trees like the pumpkin ash tolerate water, but cedars like drier, upland soil. 

sycamore treeThe sycamores’ peely bark stands out, especially in the winter.

Tree damaged by beaverThe group saw fresh evidence of beavers at work.

Trees can winterize, she said, to survive cold weather, by converting starch to sugar.  To protect themselves in winter, trees’ cells become somewhat viscous.  The group observed differences in trees like the sycamore, sweet gum, maple, cedars and several types of oaks.

Photos courtesy of Glenda Booth

Jessie measures treeJessie demonstrated how to measure the circumference of a tree.

Jessie measures the heightJessie showed the group how to measure the height of a tree by using a tangent measuring tool.

narrow-leaf cattail marshJessie described the ecotones of the preserve. The narrow-leaf cattail marsh is prominent.

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