St. Luke's Preschoolers Visit

St. Lukes class

On May 4, 2018, 30 very curious youngsters from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Preschool visited the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve.  Their teacher, Jennifer Gough, prepared a scavenger hunt guide for them to use in spotting plants, animals, rocks and other “finds.”

Kaarla AndersonKaarla Anderson (pink bow) imitated a duck when she saw a mallard swimming by.  Robins, no matter how common, still fascinate.  And the students marveled at the young bald eaglet sitting atop the nest.  “Do they eat worms?” one asked, a perfect opening to talk about Dyke Marsh's three active bald eagle nests and parents that bring fish to the nest for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack!

Photos contributed by Glenda Booth




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