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D.C. Middle Schoolers Visit Dyke Marsh

Jackie Chicas Jackie Guevera Chicas studied the non-native mystery snail.

Thirty youngsters from Washington, D.C., Inspiring Connections, all students at Caesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy and their three D.C. Sierra Club chaperones, learned all about freshwater wetlands and the flora and fauna of the Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve on April 29. 

FODMers Glenda Booth and Ned Stone and NPS naturalist Mireya Pasa led a nature walk along the Haul Road to the boardwalk.  NPS ranger Kelly Clark led a kayak tour on the river.  Among other sightings, spotting several skinks were highlights of the walk.

All photos for this article were contributed by Glenda Booth.

GreensnakeWith Ned Stone’s help, students delighted in seeing a rough greensnake (Opheodrys aestivus) up close.

ShorelineEveryone looked for snail shells along the shoreline and spotted several ospreys soaring overhead.

Animal hidesPark Service naturalist Mireya Pasa brought animal hides for students to touch and identify.

skinkThe group saw a common five-lined skink (Plestiodon fasciatus) with no tail. Ms. Pasa said the tail would grow back.

Ruben BarahonaRuben Barahona liked the skunk skin.

Jordy ForesJordy Fores “modeled” the raccoon skin.